Since 1943, the Oak Ridge Community Playhouse has been entertaining audiences from the surrounding counties. Whether you’re planning a date night or a family outing, this attraction is perfect for all occasions. With popular plays and talented performers, you are all sure to be amazed! To give you an idea of what to expect, here are 5 more fun facts about this fantastic attraction.

1. Auditions Open to Everyone

One of the best things about the Oak Ridge Community Playhouse is that auditions for the productions are open to everyone, and that includes you! Although experience is helpful, it’s not necessary to audition. There are numerous roles available for upcoming plays for actors and actresses of various age groups. Just be sure to carefully check the audition requirements so that you know if you should bring a headshot, if you’ll be doing a cold reading etc.

2. It’s a Volunteer Organization

The Oak Ridge Community Playhouse has a few paid staff, but is primarily a volunteer organization. As a community theater, volunteer opportunities are almost always available! From technicians and stage managers to seamstresses and ushers, it takes dozens of hard workers to make each production happen. They have a variety of opportunities for people of all skill levels and experiences. It’s easy to sign up to volunteer, and once you do, you can start making an impact in the world of theater!

3. All Types of Productions

actors at oak ridge community playhouseThe Playhouse offers a variety of musicals, comedies, dramas, and children's plays for your enjoyment! All you have to do is check their calendar to see which productions they have in store for the season. If you can’t bring yourself to choose between seeing one show or another, you can always get tickets for them both because they are so affordable!

4. All Seats are Good Seats

Typically, if you’re going to see a show or musical, you’re worried about getting a great place to sit. Although all seating still needs to be reserved, you don’t have to be concerned about getting a “bad” seat. The Oak Ridge Community Playhouse offers an intimate seating arrangement that can accommodate up to 315 people at a time. At only 13 rows deep, you’ll always have a great view of the main stage!

5. Discounts Available

There are plenty of ways to save when you visit the Oak Ridge Community Playhouse! There are discounts available for students and youth, college age (with a student ID) or younger. If you’re planning on visiting with a group, there are also discounts for orders of 11 patrons or more. Groups with 11 to 20 will receive 10% off the ticket face value, and groups of 21 or more will receive 12% off the ticket face value.

Now that you know a little more about the Oak Ridge Community Playhouse, it’s time to start planning your visit!