Get outdoors - Anderson County has an abundance of outdoor activities to keep you active in retirement. Hiking and biking trails are available for the beginner to the advanced, explore the beautiful waterways by canoe or kayak, spend an afternoon bird watching at Norris Dam State Park, or try your hand RETIREES WALKING at fly-fishing. Whatever your interest, Anderson County has something to help you get outdoors and stay active in retirement. With our mild winters, it’s also easy to stay active year-round.

Volunteer - Tennessee isn’t nicknamed the volunteer state for no reason! You will quickly see that the volunteer spirit is alive and well in Anderson County. From helping at food pantry’s and clothing closet’s to volunteering for community events with the Chamber of Commerce, there is sure to be an organization that will match your interests. Volunteering is a great way to stay active in retirement. In fact, studies show that those who volunteer regularly experience positive mental and physical health outcomes, such as reduced stress and lower blood pressure. Here is a list of a few non-profit organizations in Anderson County that offer volunteer opportunities.

Join a Club - Joining a club is a great way to stay active and also stay happy. Being a part of a club or group has retiree kayaking an impact on your health similar to that of exercise. Join a book club, church group, hiking club, kayak group, the list goes on and on. Fill your days doing something you enjoy and with people you enjoy being around!

Learn a New Skill – People often think about retirement as a chance to get out of the job they’re in, but it’s surprising how little people think about how they will actually fill their time in retirement. While golfing and gardening are wonderful activities to do in retirement, think about retirement as a second wind or a new you. Anderson County offers classes in anything from art and photography to computers and ball room dancing. Keeping your brain active and engaged is imperative to a long and prosperous retirement. The Appalachian Arts Craft Center is one place in Anderson County to learn a new skill. They offer weaving, sewing and many retirees weaving other classes each month.

Stay Connected – Staying connected can be a key role in your overall wellness during retirement. One easy way to stay connected with other retirees and foster new relationships is getting involved with the local senior citizen center. Anderson County’s senior center offers a variety of programs and activities to improve the quality of life, to prevent and combat depression, to aid in socialization and to provide much needed enjoyment and entertainment. Try your hand at guitar lessons or quilting, win big in bingo or relax and enjoy a shoulder massage at the Anderson County senior center!

The key to remaining active during retirement is to have an active body, mind and social life. Living in Anderson County makes that an easy task! Find out other things to do at www.movetoandersoncounty.com.