Anderson County Schools

Anderson County Schools

Relocating to a new area can be overwhelming especially when you have children or grandchildren transitioning to a new school. Anderson County Schools are dedicated to advancing student achievement and provide a top notch education for students. You will be welcomed as family in both the community and school system.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Anderson County Schools:

What is the school's mission and vision?

Mission: In Anderson County we will Develop, Challenge, and Support Every Student, Every Day.

Vision: Anderson County will exemplify excellence and equity such that upon graduation all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully embark upon their chosen path.

How many total schools are within the county? Anderson County School District has a total of 18 schools made up of two high schools, one career and technical school, one Headstart program, nine elementary schools, four middle schools and one alternative school. In addition, the city of Clinton has three additional elementary schools. The city of Oak Ridge has one preschool, four elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school.

What is the student to teacher ratio? 1 teacher to every 10 students

Can you tell me specifics about your curriculum?  Anderson County Schools curriculum aligns all core subjects with state standards and district learning goals. Teachers provide instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies using a variety of teaching tools to actively engage students. Students will learn critical foundational reading skills, explore a variety of topics critical to developing their understanding of the world and others through rich, engaging texts, and begin to develop their voice through personal writing craft. Elementary students learn fundamentals of numbers and arithmetic operations to solve increasingly complex math problems and explore various geometric shapes. Students also have access to rich related arts experiences including visual arts, music, physical education, and more. Access to online samples is available through the TN State Department of Education's website.

Special needs accommodations? Special Education services are accessed through a process of Referral, Evaluation, and Eligibility.

The process of accessing services for school aged children begins with the child's school and teacher. If you believe your child may need special education services, the first step is to contact the school to discuss your concerns with your child's teachers. Decisions involving special education are individual to the needs of each child. You can also contact the Special Education department directly any time to be connected with someone who can assist with questions specific to your student.

Parents of children aged 3-5 should contact Anderson County Schools at (865)-463-2800 Ext. 2814. Anderson County Schools Special Education Department is located in suite 506 of the Jolly Building at 101 S. Main Street, Clinton, TN. The Child Find department evaluates children between the ages of 3 and 5 to determine eligibility and the need for special education services. Educational needs are determined through parent interview and child evaluation. Areas evaluated may include, but are not limited to: vision, hearing, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive/pre-academic, social/emotional and adaptive development.

A parent, teacher, school counselor or others involved in a student's education, who believe that a student may require services may make a referral to the School Support Team. Referral to the School Support Team will not necessarily result in a referral to special education. The school district is required to seek ways to meet the unique educational needs of all children within the general education program prior to referring a child to special education. The team develops a plan of instructional interventions and accommodations to meet the student's needs within the general program. The team may determine that a student will be formally referred to determine eligibility for the special education service.

When a student is formally referred, the IEP Team is formed on develops the evaluation plan and determines eligibility. The required members of the IEP Team include: parent(s), general education teacher, special education teacher, an assessment specialist, often a school psychologist, and an LEA (local education authority), often a school administrator. Parental permission is required for all initial evaluations and placements. The school district has sixty (60) calendar days from the time permission is obtained to complete the evaluation and determine eligibility.

The determination of eligibility for special education services is two-pronged. After the completion of the evaluation, the IEP team meets to determine whether the evaluation results indicate that the student has one or more disabilities and whether due to the disability the student requires special education services to make progress in the general education program. Disability categories and criteria are set by state and federal special education law. Students must be reevaluated for eligibility every three years.

Is bus service available? Bus service is available at all of our schools.

Overview of safety at the schools? Upon entry into all of Anderson County schools, a person must ring a video doorbell and be buzzed into the building. There are over 700 security cameras total in the school district. Each academic campus has a school resource officer on staff. Also, this year Anderson County Schools implemented a new rapid response system called S.A.R.A. SARA is an automated alerting platform that integrates existing alarm and communication systems for centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. This situational awareness technology makes it easier to assess, prioritize and respond to alarms more quickly. In addition, all doors in the academic buildings remained locked at all times. The only way to enter the doors are via electronic keycard. This adds a layer of security to each room at the most rudimentary basis.

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