As of July 1, 2016, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are allowed to ride on the highways in Rocky Top, TN.

Why is this so important? Because Rocky Top is adjacent to Windrock Park, which is the largest privately-owned off-road recreation area in the country with over 72,000 acres that includes off-highway vehicle trails, hiking trails and mountain biking trails.

Having access to the highways in Rocky Top will allow riders to come into town from the Windrock Park trails to buy gas, eat at restaurants, stay at the hotels, etc. without having to reload their equipment.

What to know before you go. Riders must have a Windrock Park permit to ride on Windrock property. The permits are sold online here. You can also purchase permits at Coal Creek General Store, located at 331 S. Main Street in Rocky Top.

Don’t pass by the local eateries. If you love to experience where the locals eat, be sure to stop in the Vols Diner to grab a bite to eat. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offer a wide variety of delicious meals. Nanny’s Kitchen is located near the interstate and serves pizza and home cooked meals. If you’d rather grab something to go, you have to try a famous Bologna sandwich from Coal Creek General Store. If you are looking for the familiar, there is a Cracker Barrel in town.

There are a few rules to ensure the safety of the riders and other users of the roads.

  • All-terrain vehicles will ONLY be allowed on Highway 25W from the intersection of Colonial Lane to the intersection at Jacksboro Avenue, Highway 116 from the intersection of Highway 25W and Beech Grove Road and on Beech Grove Road from the intersection with Highway 116 to the entrance to Windrock Park and only between one-half (1/2) hour after sunrise and one-half (1/2) hour before sunset. The route is marked with signage. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP.

  • Anyone operating an ATV must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license.

  • Each person riding on the vehicle must wear a helmet.

  • The vehicle must have working headlights and brake lights. If the vehicle doesn’t have turn signals, the operator must use hand signals when turning.

  • The owner of the vehicle must have insurance on the vehicle and must be prepared to show proof of insurance.

  • Riders must lawfully operate their vehicle at all times.

  • Any violation to the state laws and the rules listed here will result in loss of privileges to operate vehicle on the specified road.