Get to Know the Real Estate Market in Anderson County

Get to Know the Real Estate Market in Anderson County

What better way to get to know the real estate market than ask an expert? We reached out to local agent, Joey Smith, with Sellers Realty, to get the details on what's happening in Anderson County's real estate world.

Q. What is the current housing marketing in Anderson County?

A. There are currently 114 active residential listings in Anderson County (per the KAAR MLS). There are 5 priced $100,000 or below, 18 priced $100,001 to $200,000, 28 priced $200,001 to $300,000, 15 priced $300,001 to $400,000, 14 priced $400,001 to $500,000, 10 priced $500,001 to $600,000, and 22 priced $600,001 and above.

Q. How is the diversity of housing in Anderson County?

A. I tell buyers we have a little bit of everything in Anderson County, but that variety isn't evenly distributed. Historic homes of the greatest age are available in the Clinton area; Norris and Oak Ridge both have historic housing from their respective areas of time. A lot of growth occurred in the 1940's and 1950's across the county, so you'll see mainly one story ranch homes in that bracket. Pockets of Clinton and Oak Ridge developed rapidly in the 1970's where you'll see mostly two stories and split-foyers. Of course we have golf course homes, traditional style construction from the 1980's through 2000's in subdivision settings. We are finally seeing an increase in brand new construction with the coming of DR Horton and some smaller local builders to the area. Brand new construction is something we lacked for a long time, and we still don't have enough to keep up with demand.

Q. Are there any planned or retirement communities located in Anderson County?

A. We don't have any retirement communities in the "55+ category," but have communities that appeal to seniors - The Mariner Point Villas in Clinton, Haderleigh Hammock in Oak Ridge, etc. A new residential subdivision by DR Horton is set to begin building at "The Villages at Hinds Creek" on Sinking Springs Rd in Clinton, but no exact start date has been set.

Q. What advice would you give to someone looking to relocate to Anderson County?

A. I always recommend a potential newcomer to explore the county and find out the "personalities" of the cities and communities that are here. All of them have something special to offer that might be different from the rest. Also, be open and flexible in searching for a home. So many times I'll have someone draw "lines in the sand" and say they need something that we just simply don't have available....but there will usually always be something out there that fits the bill if they'll be open-minded and explore.

Q. In your opinion, what makes Anderson County so special?

A. I see Anderson County as totally unique: the county is home to some of the most historically significant occurrences in United States history. How such a quiet, beautiful spot in the East Tennessee hills could impact the world so significant is fascinating: the settling of the new frontier happened here, Civil War history (although no battles, the area played a role in "traffic" for both sides), the recovery from the Great Depression and the New Deal, helping end World War II and the advent of atomic energy, civil rights history.....all of this right here in our county! Pairing an unparalleled history with what I would argue with anyone is the most beautiful natural scenery in the country (maybe the world!) and it's a win-win. But, not to be overlooked, would be the fine citizens that call the county home. The Volunteer spirit of Tennessee is more alive here than anywhere and "the people" will probably always be the #1 response from residents as to why this place is special.

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