What makes an ideal place to live, work and play? Happy residents, plenty of job opportunities, affordable housing and an abundance of activities. Anderson County, Tennessee offers that and more.

Living in Anderson County: The quality of life can't be beat in Anderson County. Compared to the rest of the country, Anderson County's cost of living is 18.5% lower than the U.S. average. Residential rates are 22% below the national average. In addition to low taxes and utilities, diverse housing options are available. Whether you prefer a home close to the city, a cabin on the river, lakefront condo or want acres of land to spread out, Anderson County has something for every budget. Anderson County also has a moderate climate and experiences four true seasons each year. To make living in Anderson County even better, healthcare costs are 8% below the national average and there are 16 award winning regional medical centers within 20 miles of Anderson County.

Working in Anderson County: Anderson County is located close to Interstates 75 and 40 and is within a day's drive of 75 percent of the United States population. This prime location make it a convenient place to work and also a prime location for businesses and industry to locate.

The Department of Energy’s operates three of the top employers in Oak Ridge: the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which employees 4,400 and focuses on research and programs related to neutron science, high performance computing, national security and houses 'Frontier,' the most powerful supercomputer in the world. The Y-12 National Security Complex, employs 7,000 people and oversees the nation's storage of nuclear materials and develops technologies and safeguards to help reduce the global threat from weapons of mass destruction. UCOR, also located in Oak Ridge, is a clean-up contractor for the former Oak Ridge production site that was used to develop the atomic bomb and employees 1,400 people.

In addition to the Department of Energy employment opportunities, there are 13 companies associated with the automotive/transportation industry that employ over 3,500 in Anderson County. Some of these include Aisin Automotive, Carlisle Tire & Wheel, Eagle Bend manufacturing, and SL Tennessee

Those are just a few of the top employers in Anderson County. Overall, the county offers a variety of employment opportunities not only in science and technology, nuclear security and manufacturing, but also in healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and more.

To learn more about industry and employment opportunities in Anderson County, visit the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce website.

Play in Anderson County – Residents in Anderson County have access to world class outdoor recreation that includes boating, fishing and watersports on Norris Lake, Melton Hill Lake, and the Clinch River, hiking and biking on over 400 miles of trails and off-roading at the largest privately owned off-road park in the country. In addition to the outdoor recreation, Anderson County has a ton of history and heritage to explore at our museums including the Museum of Appalachia, Green McAdoo Cultural Center, and the American Museum of Science and Energy just to name a few. Anderson County has live music events, annual festivals and a great arts and culture scene. To explore more ways to play in Anderson County, we recommend visiting

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