Melton Hill Lake is a beautiful lake that extends almost 57 miles upstream from Melton Hill Dam to Norris Dam. If you want to spend a day in the great outdoors, this is the perfect place to visit. You can go fishing, have fun out on the water, or just relax! Here are the top 3 reasons to plan a day trip to Melton Hill Lake:

1. Muskie Fishing

Muskie Fishing Melton Hill LakeMelton Hill Lake is home to 28 species of fish. If you want to catch a big fish and have a fun adventure while doing it, then you will love fishing on Melton Hill Lake. One of the most popular types of fishing on Melton Hill Lake is muskie fishing. Muskie are one of Tennessee’s largest and fastest growing fish, and the lake is one of the best places to catch them! The mergence of the Clinch River with Melton Hill Lake and the presence of the Bull Run Steam Plant provide the perfect breeding ground for muskie all year long. Larger muskie are more often caught in the spring but take patience, whereas if you want a little more action, you should go muskie fishing between mid-summer and late fall when you are more likely to get a bite. Since the muskie population is limited, you are encouraged to catch and release. Other fish you can catch include small and largemouth bass, crappie and striped bass.

2. Water Activities

Melton Hill Lake is a popular place to have some fun out on the water! Adventures Outdoors is located in Oak Ridge on the lake and offers a variety of rentals for you to enjoy. You can rent a kayak, paddleboard or canoe! Paddling has gained a lot of popularity on Melton Hill Lake and is a great way to spend time outside and be active while having fun. Kayaking is one of the best, and most relaxing, ways to explore the lake. Even if it’s your first time kayaking you will still have a great time! The flat water of the lake makes it possible for both beginners and experts. If you want to spend time in the water instead of on it, go for a refreshing dip! Other water activities include waterskiing, boating and stand-up paddle boarding.

3. Hike Along the Shoreline

Mountain Biking near Norris Lake TNFor more fun, go for a hike along the shoreline of the lake! Haw Ridge Park has 30 miles of trails, some of which run along the lake’s 5-mile shoreline. A hike is the perfect way to spend part of your adventure-filled day at the lake! During your hike, you are likely to cross paths with some type of wildlife, from blue heron to a rare tree goat. Keep your eyes out for wildlife, wildflowers and gorgeous scenery. If you’d rather explore on bike instead of on foot, you can rent a bike from Adventures Outdoors!

4. Enjoy a Delicious Dinner

After an exciting day on the lake, you’re sure to have worked up quite the appetite. Luckily you won’t have far to go for a mouth-watering meal! Calhoun’s Oak Ridge offers dining right on the lake. The menu features delicious BBQ, steaks, burgers, salads and so much more. Not only will you enjoy your meal, but you can enjoy gorgeous lake views while you dine! It’s the best way to end your day trip to Melton Hill Lake.

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