It’s National Zookeeper’s Week and there's no better way to celebrate than a visit to the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue in Clinton, Tennessee! This unique, hands-on zoo has rescued animals from all across the country and given them forever homes. To help make the most out of your visit, here’s a list of the Top 4 Things to do at the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue in Anderson County, Tennessee - the Land of And!

Baby Deer at Little Ponderosa Zoo in Anderson County, TennesseeBe sure to feed the animals. The Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue in Anderson County, Tennessee has a large range of animals - feather, slimy, cute, ferocious, and everything in between. Feeding some of the animals throughout the zoo is permitted, and we highly recommend doing so for an up-close and personal experience.You can purchase a bucket of food at the zoo ($6-$20) and you’ll get to enjoy a long trail full of critters for you to feed and interact with.Be sure to watch those camels! They’ve been known to snatch the whole bucket of food. ☺ As always, be sure to follow the zoo rules.

Pony Rides. Your little ones will jump for joy at the opportunity to ride one of the adorable ponies at the Little Ponderosa Zoo. The best part is it’s in a fun, safe environment so mom and dad can sit back and relax. Just be sure to have your camera ready for that picture-perfect moment!

Pack a picnic. The Little Ponderosa Zoo is the perfect place to have a picnic in Anderson County, Tennessee. There is a pavilion with tables for visitors to enjoy. It gives you a great, shady spot to take a break and enjoy a nice picnic lunch. The zoo can be an exhausting place for the little ones, for mom and dad too, so recharge with a nice picnic at the park.

Try being a Zookeeper for a Day. For the die-hard animal lovers, the Little Ponderosa Zoo offers a program called Zookeeper for a Day. This one-of-a-kind opportunity is an option for any age, but especially those who may be too young to volunteer. You’ll get a personal look at feeding and caring for the unique animals at the zoo. This is a great gift idea too for the animal lovers in your life!

Cute Kangaroo at Little Ponderosa Zoo in Anderson County, Tennessee

The Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue is also a great place for field trips, group outings, birthday parties, and more. The Zoo also offers overnight adventures. You can bring your scout group, youth group, etc and spend the night with the animals. Just keep in mind there may be changes right now due to Covid-19. Feel free to call the zoo at (865) 457-5536 for up-to-date information.

The Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue is another amazing adventure your family can experience in the Land of And - Anderson County, Tennessee. Our little slice of heaven here in East Tennessee is the perfect family weekend getaway! With lakes, off-roading, hiking, shopping, and The Little Ponderosa Zoo, the Land of And never stops providing family fun for all ages!

*Did you know in December of 2017, the Little Ponderosa Zoo suffered a tragic fire? Since then, they have been able to construct a new facility with the help of their supporters. The zoo is still in need of replacing everything inside the facility that was lost in the fire. If you are interested in helping the zoo, you can sponsor specific areas of the new facility. When you sponsor, there will be a plaque on display that recognizes you for your sponsorship. For more information, you can visit their website.