What sets Anderson County Apart

What sets Anderson County Apart

Tennessee has made your short list of possible places to retire, but now you want to know what sets Anderson County apart. Let us tell you:

Location - Anderson County is located in East Tennessee, just north of Knoxville which makes us close to large city amenities without the traffic and congestion of the city. We are also located right off of Interstates 75 and 40 making it easy to connect with other parts of the state and even the rest of the country. That means you can get to those grandkids faster! 

Healthcare - Anderson County has 16 (yes, you read that right,16) award winning regional medical centers within 20 miles and our healthcare costs are 8% below the national average. As we age, we will likely encounter some health issues. You will have close access to some of the best medical facilities and physicians in the country. 

Sense of Community - If you ask a lifetime resident of Anderson County or someone that has recently moved to the area "What is one thing that stands out to you here?" You will most likely hear the word community. We are proud of the fact that our community comes together in times of need and we share a network of support for one another each and every day. There is something special in knowing that you have a "neighbor" you can count on.

Recreation - It's a no-brainer that recreational opportunities enhance your quality of life. And there is no shortage of recreation in Anderson County. We are surrounded by state parks with miles and miles of trails that are perfect for walking and biking. We have lakes and rivers for fishing, boating and paddling. If you like the arts, we have playhouses, symphonies and live music events. In addition to everyday activities, Anderson County has annual festivals and events that you will come to adore. You may even be ready to volunteer at an event before you know it! 

These are just a few of the reasons we think Anderson County makes the ideal retirement destination. We encourage to visit our county and explore the area. We think you'll fall in love like so many others have.

Visit www.movetoandersoncounty.com for information on Anderson County.