Whether you’re just passing through Rocky Top or have lived here for a while, a great way to spend a part of your afternoon is to visit the Coal Creek Miners Museum. The events surrounding Coal Creek are a major part of Rocky Top history, and at this attraction, you can learn more about it and how it has shaped the local community. If you’ve never been before, chances are there are a few things you don’t know. Here are 6 things to expect when you visit the Coal Creek Miners Museum.

1. There’s No Admission Fee

If you’re looking for a free and interesting way to pass the time, the Coal Creek Miners Museum is a great place to go. While you’re here, you can learn more about the history of the Convict Lease System, the Fraterville Mine Disaster and the Cross Mountain Mine Disaster. You can visit with your friends and family without having to spend a dime.

2. Operated by Volunteers

Did you know that the Coal Creek Miners Museum is a nonprofit organization, operated by volunteers? These volunteers are trained and then act as guides to visitors while going over the history of Coal Creek and answering any questions. You can even sign up to become a volunteer and give back to your community through your time and knowledge.

3. Interesting Displays

Coal Creek coal mineAs you walk through the museum, you’ll be taken back in time as you pass by see various displays of equipment like headlamps, breathing masks, and tools used to mine the coal. You’ll also walk past photos of what the inside and outside of the mines looked like after the explosion. All of these things will help you to imagine what the lives of the people that lived here were like many years ago.

4. Explore at Your Own Pace

The Coal Creek Miners Museum is full of things to explore! You can take as long as you like to walk through the museum and look at all the different displays. There are also large panels that you can read about the workers of the mines and their families. If you’re on a time crunch, that’s no problem either! You get to choose which exhibits you focus on, and how much time you spend learning from each one.

5. You Can Purchase Unique Items

The best thing about this attraction is that you can bring a little piece of it home with you after your visit. Although there isn’t a designated gift shop at the Coal Creek Miners Museum, you’ll still find and purchase coal shaped souvenirs, books, ornaments and more! These unique items are fun to collect and are a great reminder of your visit to the museum. They also make great gifts for friends and family members.

6. Coal Creek Smokehouse

coal creek smokehouse foodIf you’re feeling hungry after your trip through the Miners Museum, swing by Coal Creek Smokehouse for some delicious barbeque! The best part about this restaurant is that it’s located right next door, so you can satisfy your cravings right away! While you’re there, give one of their famous pulled pork BLTs a try. There are also a variety of tasty sides like mashed potatoes and onion rings that you can pair with your meal!

Now that you know a little more about the Coal Creek Miners Museum, come see it for yourself!