Love being outdoors? Then you’ll definitely want to visit Haw Ridge Park! This park is on a peninsula of Clinch River in Oak Ridge. With over 28 miles of trails, there’s so many things you can do when you visit! Check out these 5 fun things to do at Haw Ridge Park:

1. Hiking on the Trails

couple hikingWith over 28 miles of singletrack trails mixed with criss-crossing roads, you’ll find plenty of places to hike in Haw Ridge Park. To make it easy to know what trail level you want, the trails are color coded. Green is easy, blue is moderate, and black is hard. In the spring, you’ll find plenty of trails sprinkled with wildflowers, and you might even spot some native wildlife! You can even bring your dog to Haw Ridge Park and hike together!

2. Biking on the Trails

Haw Ridge Park allows bikes on many of the trails throughout the park. You’ll find bike bridges for a fun ride along a lot of trails. You’ll love riding through the forest on the mountainous terrain and beside Cinch River on a warm day. There’s even a hut set up where you can rent bikes if you don’t have your own. Head over to the park and start riding!

3. Fishing in the River

trout from clinch riverWant to find a place to go fishing? Haw Ridge Park is located on Melton Hill Lake, providing you with plenty of places for water access! You’ll find docks you can fish off and places right on the trails you can set up. You’ll probably catch rainbow and brown trout, and these fish can get really large. You can even put a boat in the river and fish off of it! Have a blast fishing in the river at Haw Ridge Park!

4. Geocaching Throughout the Park

If you’ve never heard of geocaching, you should definitely look into this fun outdoor activity! Geocaching is like a giant scavenger hunt where you use a GPS or other navigational technique to find geocaches, or caches, other people have hidden using coordinates to find the exact spot. If you find the cache, then you’re supposed to replace what you find with something else of yours for the next person to find it. Haw Ridge Park is a place where geocachers have hidden many things over the years. Get into this hobby and start hunting at Haw Ridge Park!

5. Canoeing on the River

girl canoeing on the clinch riverDo you love being out on the water on a hot summer day? Grab your canoe or kayak and head to Haw Ridge Park! You’ll find canoe put-ins along the river. Work your way downstream for an easy ride, and then turn around and paddle your way upstream for a great workout! Bring a friend with you and make amazing memories paddling along the river together.

No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something you’ll love to do at Haw Ridge Park.