If you love animals, then you have to make sure to plan a visit to the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue! This facility is unlike any other you’ve ever been and features a large variety of animals — from the jungle to the barnyard. To help you know what to expect when you visit, we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know about the Little Ponderosa Zoo in Clinton, TN.

About the Little Ponderosa Zoo

The Little Ponderosa Zoo is a nonprofit exotic animal rescue and zoo in Clinton, TN. They have rescued animals from all across the United States and given them safe, healthy and loving forever homes! It was originally founded as a zoo, but started getting calls from people asking if they could give their exotic pet a home. Now, about 98% of the animals at Little Ponderosa Zoo are rescues! If you have kids, they will love being able to feed the animals. There is a 1.5-mile trail full of critters to feed and interact with. You can also interact with unique animals like deer, goats, lemurs, and birds, or even be a zookeeper for the day! People who love animals and want a personal look at feeding and caring for the animals will love this special opportunity at the Ponderosa Zoo.

Animals at the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue

Animals at the Little Ponderosa Zoo and rescue range from feathered to furry! To meet them all, you have to plan a visit to the zoo! Some examples of mammals you can see are llamas, red kangaroos, chinchillas, miniature donkeys, wolf hybrids, and more. Some birds you will see are emus, ducks, peacocks, and umbrella cockatoo. Other animals you can see are corn snakes, blue-tongue stinks, bearded dragons, and leopard geckos. What’s special about these animals is that many of them have their own rescue stories. You can learn about their history and what brought them to the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue and even sponsor them for as little as $10 a month!

Rebuilding the Facility

In December of 2017, the Little Ponderosa Zoo suffered a tragic fire. Since then, they have been committed to rebuilding the facility and helping as many animals as possible. If you are interested in helping rebuild, you can sponsor specific areas of the new facility. When you sponsor, there will be a plaque on display that recognizes you for your sponsorship.

Other Things to Do in Clinton, TN

While you’re in Clinton visiting the Little Ponderosa Zoo, be sure to check out some of the other fun things to do! One of the most popular is to visit Historic Downtown Clinton and go shopping. There are more than 35 stores with antiques, collectibles, and other unique items. You’ll also want to make sure to visit Museum of Appalachia, which tells the story of our pioneer forebears in their own words and through the artifacts they’ve left behind.

Find out more things to do in the area when you’re in town visiting the Little Ponderosa Zoo, then start planning your trip!