Do you make resolutions every year or are you the kind of person that keeps an ongoing bucket list? Well, no matter what your preference is, we have five things that you must do in the New Year.

#1. Wake Surf on Norris Lake.

Wake Surf on Norris Lake. If you are not sure what wake surfing is, it is where the surfer trails behind a boat, riding the boat's wake without being directly pulled by the boat. It is the closest you can get to surfing on freshwater. If you're surfing abilities aren't quite that advanced, don't worry, Norris Lake is a great place to ski, wakeboard, tube, paddle or just float. The water is so clean and clear and there are 800 miles of shoreline with many secluded coves, so it is perfect for whatever watersport you are ready to try. Be sure to check out Sequoyah Marina and Stardust Marina; they both offer boat rentals. If you prefer something without a motor, visit Norris Lake Paddling Adventures and rent a paddleboard or kayak.

#2. See the Windmills at Windrock

The 256 feet tall windmills look like sentries standing on the top of Buffalo Mountain at Windrock Park. The sound that can be heard from the 136 foot blades is hypnotizing. Windrock Park is a 73,000 acre off-road destination but don't worry, you can drive a vehicle to an overlook to see the windmills or you can rent a UTV from Windrock Park and explore over 350 miles of trails. Make a weekend of it and stay at one of their cabins or in their campground.

#3. Down Hill Mountain Bike

While at Windrock Park, check out their downhill mountain bike course. These downhill and cross-country trails are fairly aggressive and many are rated difficult to extreme. Guided rides and lessons are available. If you are ready to take mountain biking to the next level, this is the place for you. If you are looking for easy to moderate trails, check out Norris Dam State Park or Haw Ridge.

#4. Time Travel

While time-travel has never been proven, Anderson County has the next best thing. It has over 300 years of history on display throughout the county. You can virtually be transported from 18th Century pioneer life in Appalachia to the atomic age to the Civil Rights Era and into the future.

#5. Pet a Camel

Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue is the perfect place to get up close and personal with just about every animal you can imagine. Be sure to pet the camels. There are several that will fight for your affection. Buckets of feed are available for purchase and will make you very popular among the camels and many other animals at the zoo. About 98% of their animals are rescues and the children will love the petting zoo.