Located in the mountains of East Tennessee, the crystal clear water of the Clinch River flows from Norris Dam. There are a variety of fun activities that you and your family can enjoy there, but one of the most popular things to do is to go fishing. To help you plan for your visit, here are 5 things to know about fishing on the Clinch River.

1. You’ll Need a Fishing License

There are a variety of different Tennessee fishing licenses available that both residents and nonresidents can obtain to go fishing on the Clinch River. They aren’t hard to get. There is a Walmart within 5 miles of the Clinch where you can obtain a license. You can also get your license and print it out on the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s website. Once you’ve got it, you’re ready to set out for a day of casting lines and enjoying the great outdoors!

2. Exceptions to the Fishing License Rule

While the majority of us are required to have a Tennessee fishing license on the Clinch River, there are a few exceptions. One of which is if the person fishing is under 13 years of age. Another exception is if you are on military leave. You are also not required to have a fishing license if it’s Free Fishing Day, in which case, you are allowed to fish in all of Tennessee's public waters!

3. Guide Services are Available

If you haven’t been fishing in Anderson County before, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the many fishing guide services that are available in the area. From knowing what bait to use to the best times of the day to go fishing, these guides are sure to make your fishing experience a breeze! Many of them even include the equipment that you need if you don’t have any or don’t feel like bringing your own.

4. Types of Fish

The Clinch River is known as a premier trout fishery, and is home to rainbow, brown and brook trout! The average trout there will be 11 to 12 inches in length, so you can look forward to the possibility of a big catch! The state record brown trout was caught on the Clinch, so you have a good chance of taking home a record-breaking fish. Trout in the 14 to 16-inch range are also common, and you might even hook a few in the 18 to 22-inch range!

5. When to Go Fishing

The gorgeous, clear waters of the Clinch River provide excellent opportunities for fishing all year round! However, there are certain times during each season when you might just have a little more luck. Rainbow, brown, and brook trout are stocked in this river March through September. So, it’s a smart idea to visit during these months when the fish population is at its highest so that your chances of catching something increase.

Now that you know a little more about fishing on the Clinch River, it’s time to start planning your visit!