Lenoir Historical Complex at Norris Dam State Park

Lenoir Historical Complex at Norris Dam State Park

The Lenoir Museum contains artifacts from Early Americana which were collected for over 60 years by Will G. Lenoir and his wife Helen and donated by the Lenoirs to the State of Tennessee. The Lenoirs strongly desired that the rapidly, changing times not wipe out an appreciation of the hard work and ingenuity that were a part of everyday life. They searched for, bought and stored away artifacts to preserve an understanding of that life. It was not just the artifacts they collected, but also the stories of the people behind them and their use.

When you visit the Lenoir Museum, make sure and get a close look at this antique barrel organ. During restoration, a German newspaper dated 1826 was found inside. The organ plays ten different tunes with 110 wood pipes to make the music. Also, with the turning of one hand crank, four stages of figures perform. In all, 44 figures are in action. These figures include dancers dancing, a clown clowning, foot soldiers marching, a woman churning butter and a blacksmith hard at work.

In addition to the museum, be sure to check out the Caleb Crosby Threshing Barn and the 18th Century Rice Grist Mill.


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Norris Tennessee

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