Grab your fishing poles and get ready for a fun time fishing in Anderson County! Anderson County is home to the Clinch River, one of the prime fishing spots in East Tennessee. Other popular fishing destinations in the county are Norris Lake and Melton Hill Lake. Before you head out for a full day of fishing, find out all you need to know about fishing in Anderson County:

Clinch River Fishing

The Clinch River is one of America’s premier trout streams. Its tail waters flow from Norris Dam 13 miles down the river to Clinton, TN. The river provides a great habitat for different kinds of trout, from rainbow trout to brown trout. Clinch River fishing is good year round, but you’ll have the most luck in the late winter/early spring and late fall/early winter. When you go fishing on the Clinch River, fish between 14 and 16 inches are common, while trout will average 11 to 12 inches long. If you get lucky, you might hook one or two fish that are in the 18 to 22-inch range! The most common catch you’ll find in the river are rainbow trout — some people have caught rainbow trout more than 10 pounds! Other fish you might catch in the river include smallmouth bass, rock bass, white bass, crappie and walleye. One of the reasons the Clinch River is such a great place to fish is because there is an area with deeper water so you can fish off a boat, but also a shallow area that’s great for wading. If you plan on wading while Clinch River fishing, be sure to check the water release schedule.

Norris Fishing

Another popular place for fishing in Anderson County is Norris Lake. With 14 different species of fish, Norris Lake is the top choice for many visiting the area. You’ll have the chance to catch striped bass, crappie, walleye, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. While the Clinch River is known for its trout fishing, Norris Lake is known for bass fishing. The best time to catch bass when you go Norris fishing is during the month of March. Norris Lake has a number of deep water coves and the perfect depth for recreational and sport fishing. After you go fishing, spend some time exploring the other amazing things Norris Lake has to offer, like hiking, camping and water sports.

Muskie Fishing on Melton Hill Lake

For another exciting fishing adventure, try muskie fishing on Melton Hill Lake. Muskie are one of Tennessee’s largest and fastest growing fish. Muskie can be found all year long where the Clinch River and Melton Hill Lake merge. Muskies are most often caught close to shorelines that have overhanging and submerged trees. During the winter and early spring, many of the muskies tend to congregate in the warm-water discharge from the Bull Run Fossil Plant.

More Fishing Tips

Muskie Fishing on Melton Hill LakeWhen you go fishing in Anderson County, make sure you purchase an appropriate fishing license or permit. Visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency website to purchase your license or permit. If you’re Clinch River fishing, it might be worthy to note that the majority of fisheries diets consist of midges, black flies, sow bugs, scuds and small caddi pupa. If you go Norris fishing, keep in mind that larger smallmouth bass tend to drop to deeper water, but good catches of largemouth bass are close to the surface, no deeper than 10 feet. As for muskie fishing on Melton Lake, muskies prefer baits that move and make a lot of noise, and most anglers have the most luck fishing during the daytime.

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