Imagine if you no longer had a mission to accomplish at work, a deadline to meet, a meeting to attend: in other words, you're retired! Now, imagine what your retirement looks like. If you have trouble imagining what retirement looks like, let us help you. We can tell you exactly what it could look like in Anderson County, Tennessee. It could look and feel just like vacation.

First of all, let's talk about a few things that make Anderson County, Tennessee a great retirement destination.

Low taxes - Tennessee has no state income tax. That means no state income tax on social security benefits, withdrawals from IRAs and 401(k)s, and payouts from pensions. Tennessee also has some of the lowest property taxes in the country.

Cost of living - Compared to the rest of the country, Anderson County's cost of living is 18.50% lower than the U.S. average.

Four seasons - On average, there are 207 sunny days per year in Anderson County, TN. Snowfall averages are only 7 inches per year. Anderson County experiences 4 true seasons each year, so it is easy to stay active outdoors and enjoy the beauty of East Tennessee.

Healthcare - Healthcare costs are 8% below the national average. There are 16 award winning regional medical centers within 20 miles of Anderson County. All of which provide the region with world renowned specialties and services.

Before you step right into vacation mode when you retire, it's important to recognize what you're leaving behind from your work life and decide if you need to replace any of it to be fulfilled. For example, the socialization and structure. There are many opportunities for socialization in Anderson County. Joining a club is one way to stay socialized. Anderson County has multiple clubs – book, hiking, kayaking, church groups, the list goes on and on.

And if structure is important to you, consider volunteering. Tennessee isn't nicknamed the volunteer state for no reason. You will quickly see the volunteer spirit is alive and well in Anderson County. From helping at food pantry's and clothing closet's to volunteering for community events with the Chamber of Commerce, there is sure to be an organization that will match your interests.

Having meaningful activities during retirement can make your 'doing nothing' time seem much more enjoyable.

Now, if you aren't someone that needs structure and you would like your retirement to feel more like a vacation, it's easy to fill your days with a variety of activities in Anderson County.

Outdoor lovers: Anderson County has an abundance of outdoor activities to keep you active in retirement. Over 300 miles of hiking and biking trails are available for the beginner to the advanced. You can explore our beautiful waterways by canoe, kayak or pontoon boat. How about spending an afternoon bird watching at Norris Dam State Park or fly-fishing on the Clinch River. The recreational opportunities are limitless.

History lovers- You can travel 300 years in Anderson County. Be transported to 18th century Appalachia at the Museum of Appalachia. Learn about the atomic age at the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, travel to the civil rights era at the Green McAdoo Cultural Center and then continue into the future at the American Museum of Science and Energy. History comes to life in Anderson County. In addition to our great museums, you can step back in time in Historic Downtown Clinton and shop around in the 20+ antique and specialty shops.

Art lovers – Anderson County is home to the Oak Ridge Community Playhouse offering year round performances that will keep you entertained. If you like art, you"ll want to visit the Appalachian Art Center and the Oak Ridge Art Center. Both offer a variety of art classes and have handmade items for purchase.

Anderson County offers community events all year long: Indoor and outdoor farmers markets, live outdoor concerts, festivals, and more. You will have no trouble feeling like you're on vacation each and every day.

Now can you imagine what your retirement could look like in Anderson County, Tennessee?